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15Ton Truck Spreader

RETECH Spreaders provide sand, salt, calcium chloride on the roads to prevent and remove the snow in winter season with anticorrosion components.
Mounted on a various chassis : Dump, Cargo, Pick-up etc., it is compactly designed for the overall funtion as a spreader.

It is consisted of a V-shape hopper, invert, ani-freeze hole device, stainless steel conveyor system, hydraulic folding chute and you can control all the system in cabin by automatic system.

제원 및 특징
Model RTS-1500
Mountin Truck Payload 15ton Cargo & dump truck
Auxiliary engine Water cooled Diesel engine 26ps/2,600rpm
Dimension(L x H x W) 6,380 x 3,300 x 2,400
Hopper capacity 11㎥
Spraeading width 2~10m
Spreading length 15~20km
Material SS400
Weight approx. 3,300kg

Condition can be changed without prior notice to make better quality of the products