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Bridge Drain & Soil Pipe Cleaning Truck

제원 및 특징
Model RTSC250
Dimension(mm)(L x H x W) 3,600 x 1,850 x 2,100
Weight(Ton) 2.3
chassis 2.5ton payload truck chassis with cargo deck
Sludge tank capacity 1,600ℓ (420gal), Cylindrical
Discharge the sludge Dumping by hydraulic cylinder
Engine(Auxiliary) 28~35ps/2,400~2,700rpm
Vacuum pump Roots blower type, 792㎥/h
Suction hose Ø50mm, Ø100mm
Water pump 300ℓ
Application Truck Max.pressure 30kg/㎠, Discharge : 20ℓ/min

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