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Compact Road Sweeper

To clean the roads fast and efficiently, RETECH introduces 2 types of road sweepers that can be used in different places and comditions. Full size road sweeper sweeps and vacuums the main streets and compact size road sweeper is for the narrow ways.

제원 및 특징
Model RTGS 1000D
Chassis RETECH Hydrostatic drive
Main engine(ps/rpm) approx. 60/2,000
Hopper capacity(㎥) 1
Water tank (ℓ) 260
Max. Sweeping width(mm) 2,160
Sweeping speed(km/h) 5~20
Hopper dump angle 55˚
Aux. Engine(ps/rpm) 60
Blower capacity(㎥/min) 80
Side broom(mn) Ø650
Center brush(mm) -
Suction hose(mm) Ø200

Condition can be changed without prior notice to make better quality of the products