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Airport Sweeper

제원 및 특징
Model RTAS-85 RTAS-85AB RTAS-160AB
Chassis 8.5ton payload 8.5ton payload 16ton payload
Engine 320ps/2,200rpm 300~320ps/2,200rpm 380~420ps/2,200rpm
Max. speed approx. 109km/h approx. 80~109km/h approx. 80~109km/h
Hopper capacity 6㎥ 6㎥ 10㎥
Water tank capacity 1,000ℓ 1,000ℓ 2,200ℓ
Aux. engine 100~125ps/2,500rpm 290ps/2,200rpm 290ps/2,200rpm
Cleaning speed 3~20km/h 3~20km/h 3~20km/h
Total cleaning width 3.4m 3.3m 3.3m
Pick up head width 2,300mm - -
Blower capacity Max. 560㎥/min Max. 560㎥/min Max. 560㎥/min
Dimension(L x W x H) 7,730 x 2,480 x 3,530mm 7,730 x 2,495 x 3,530mm 9,305 x 2,495x 3,450mm

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