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Runway Liquide Sprayer

When a plane lands on the runway, tires are dragging as well as being put under pressure by the weight of the airplane. The rubber deposits on the runway are removed by High pressure water (Up to 2,500bar) and independent suction system. RETECH RTR series are designed efficiently for the removal operation in all weather condition.

제원 및 특징
Model Chassis Water/Debris tank Ultra high press. Water pump
Vacuum Pump
& performance
RTR 10000 GVW 26ton
6 x 4,390ps
8,000ℓ / 7,000ℓ HDP 174,34ℓ pm
2,500bar @1,800rpm
Roots blower type
Ø 150,970㎥/h @5,000mmAq
Cleaning tate : 700~1,300㎡/h
Cleaning width : 2,000mm
RTR 11000 GVW 33ton
8 x 4,440ps
9,000ℓ / 8,500ℓ
RTR 12000 Trailer Tyle 8,000ℓ / 9,000ℓ

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